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In-Ceiling Screen Motorized Aluminum Casing Hidden In Ceiling Matte

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The Electric Professional Ceiling Recessed screen provides excellent quality at a reasonable price point. It is the best choice of screen to integrate into interior design. With the compact but rigid housing, you can hide the entire screen body inside the false ceiling with limited spaces. Control package includes IR and RF receivers, remote controls, RJ45 wire connection and 5-12Volt trigger along with an external and an in-wall integrated low-voltage 3-way wall switch.






1. Product Name: Electric Professional Ceiling Recessed Projection Screen

2. Screen material: Fiberglass matte white with 1.2gain, 180degree viewing angle.

3. Black masking borders enhance picture contrast

4. Disappearing recessed in-ceiling design for non-dedicated media rooms

5. Aluminum housing with piano white finish is strong and moisture resistant

6. Installation kit included

7. Including IR& RF remotes, low voltage 3-way wall switch 

8. Standard 5-12V trigger to synchronize screen operation with the projector’s power cycle

8. High qualified quiet tubular motor

9. Integrated ceiling projection screen ships fully assembled, ready to install

10. 5-Year manufacturer’s warranty

11. ETL, FCC, CE & ISO9001:2008 Certified



















Fiberglass Matte White is fiberglass backed for added stiffness which provides the flattest possible non-tensioned screen surface with universal applications. This material provides wide viewing uniform diffusion while giving precise definition, color reproduction and black & white contrast. The screen surface has a black-backing to eliminate light penetration, is mildew resistant and washable with mild soap and water.




* Manufacturer tip: This is an enhanced matte white product for higher end DLP/LCD 

projectors suitable for commercial and residential presentations.





Features & Benefits 



• Multi-layer weave with textured surface 

• Fiberglass backing with black backing 

• Gain: 1.2

• View Angle: 180° (90° ± LR) 

• Mildew Resistant 

• Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR ready 

• Surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water 

• Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards 

• GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold Certified | UL 2818












• Internal Radio Frequency/Infrared receivers with IR, RF remotes included 

• Low voltage 3-way wall switch 

• Standard 5-12 volt trigger to synchronize screen operation with the projector’s power cycle

• Programmable Central control




Adjusting Limit Switches



Limit switches are located on the left side of the screen and inside the housing. The limit switches should only be adjusted with the provided adjustment tool.The limits that are set determine the point where the screen will stop lowering or retracting. By initially adjusting the lower limit, the screen will stop at the perfect location automatically for maximum convenience. 


The upper limit switch is grey and does not need to be adjusted as it is pre-set from the factory. If absolutely 

necessary, turning the grey upper limit switch counterclockwise will cause the upper limit to be closer to the housing and clockwise will make the upper limit further away from the housing. 



The lower limit switch is yellow and can be adjusted for increasing or decreasing the amount of upper black drop on your screen. 



To decrease the amount of black drop, first lower the screen and turn the yellow lower limit switch clockwise twice. Retract the screen then lower the screen again and where it stops is the new lower limit. Repeat until the desired height is reached. 

The first time the lower limit is being adjusted, it may take a few cycles for the screen to move up. This is normal and be patient as to not damage the screen. If the screen pauses during adjustment, wait 5 minutes for the motor to cool and continue adjusting. 


To increase black drop, lower the screen so it is fully extended. Using the adjustment tool, turn the yellow limit switch counter-clockwise and the screen will drop in small increments without needing to cycle the screen. Continue rotating until the screen is in the desired position.





What is the Right Aspect Ratio / Format for you?

— 1:1 Square Format: This aspect ratio provides a perfectly squared screen format for overhead projectors (OHP) and is commonly used in Educational/Classroom environments.

Tip: Choose this format if you are using a native SVGA/XGA Projector and occasionally use an OHP or 1:1 slide projector for your presentations.


— 4:3 Video Format: This aspect ratio is the same as a standard television (Non-High Definition) or computer (SVGA, XGA, UXGA) resolution.

Tip:Select this format screen if you are using a native SVGA, XGA or UXGA projector for your presentations.



— 16:9 HDTV Format: This is the High Definition Television (HDTV) format and is the most widely used aspect ratio for the latest television designs.

Tip: Choose a 16:9 Projection Screen if you are planning to use it with a native 16:9 format projector.


— 16:10 PV Widescreen: This is the most popular aspect ratio for the latest WXGA or WUXGA notebooks.

Tip: Choose the 16:10 screen if you use a native wide screen notebook or wide XGA (UXGA) projector.



— 2.35:1 Widescreen Cinemascope format: This is perfect with the new anamorphic lenses on the market today.

Tip: Select this 2.35:1 format screen if your application is strictly home theater Cinemascope presentations. 2.35:1 and 16:9 are the most popular format for Home Cinema. 












We are one of the leading stage and home theater projection screen manufacturing companies. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, including screens and accessories. Whether you need a full-scale global deployment or a custom project, our R&D tech team will deliver solutions to support your business every step of the way.


*Unique and innovative display technologies

*19+ years of R&D experience in optical screens

*CE/UL-certified solutions

*Patented technologies

*Exporting to over 95 countries

*Global trade reseller networks

*End customers ranging from government to international brands

*Solutions for both commercial and domestic markets

*Service excellence accredited by customer testimonials


1. Q: What’s the voltage for the screen?

  A: We can do 110V and 220V. Please leave us the order message about your requirements.

2.Q: Does this include the projector

  A: No projector included. This is a great powered screen if you need something that hides away when you’re not using it also it’s a great at allowing you to view the projector during some ambient light.

3.Q: What is the return policy?

   A: Manufacturer’s warranty:1. The company provides two-year free warranty service for the products sold. That is, within two years, due to the product itself material defects or design defects caused by the damage, can be replaced for free.(within one year, the product is not working properly or the damage has been seriously affected by the viewing, and can be replaced free of charge. After one year, the replacement will be at a cost.)

   2.The motors in all of the screens we sell are available with a five-year free warranty.

   3. Within one week after sales, if the product is seriously affected by quality problems, the product may be returned or replaced, provided that the product appearance is free from any damage and the package is complete; We promise to complete the return and replacement procedures within two working days after receiving the returned products.(except holidays).

   4.If the product is in good condition without any damage, we do not support returns.

   5. Provide corresponding technical support and technical cooperation for the products sold, and guarantee to respond within 24 hours (except holidays).

   6. The product damage or other reasons not caused by our company are not included in our free replacement:

  (1)Improper installation, resulting in product damage.

  (2) Voltage mismatch

  (3) Not in accordance with the operation manual caused by improper use

  (4) Maintenance or alteration not authorized by the company

  (5)Fail to provide proper working environment

  (6) Due to user secondary transport caused by the product damage

  (7)Damage in the event of natural disasters and accidents, such as: floods, fires, humans, etc.

  The above guarantee shall have the same legal effect on each user. Other rights may only apply to specific customers due to changes in the country or region.


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72 inch, 130 inch, 110 inch, 84 inch, 100 inch, 120 inch, 92 inch, 106 inch, 133 inch, 150 inch


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